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Friday, May 18, 2012

Word of Life Spring Gala!

All the awards to give away. 
 All the lights to make a perfect show.
 All the cameras to get that perfect angle.
All those famous people that everybody knows.

The Word of Life Spring Gala was a special night ! It was a fun night. It was a tasty night! It was a celebration! A celebration of this past year.

The Spring Gala was a night to remember this past year. But it was also a night  where memories were made.

This past year we have experienced a whole lot of meeting new people, Open Air, classes, Missions Conferences and Recharge.

With all of these sweet experiences we’ve also had a jam-packed schedule with electives, ministry, and service assignments, and why not throw in a handbook of seemingly ridiculous rules....

and… at times, you might have felt like giving up but you didn’t! You are still here with only seven more sleeps.

The Word of Life Spring Gala was a celebration as the students remembered that famous quote from their very first teacher:

"I will not quit, by God's grace I can do it." - Dr. Wendall Calder

 The evening started out with an opportunity to mingle and converse over delicious appetizers, kabobs and chocolate fondue. Following this, the program began with a game having the students guess the celebrity look-alikes for some of the staff and students. After that, Amplify the praise team, led the group in some well-known praise songs. Then the RA's performed a skit poking fun at some of the Deans and staff of the BI. Then there was a slide show of the past year. You can view the slide show here.

Amplify leading in worship

After the slide show, the evening was a mix of awards, two songs from Testify and testimonies from the past year. Students received awards form being the most dramatic student  to being the most romantic student to being the most studious student.

all the boys

all the girls

This Gala was a fun way to remember the year, to make mention of some students and to look forward to an exciting future. The students have just over a week left of classes, ministry and discipleship. It is definitely a bittersweet time for many of them. 

However, in a month's time, most of the students will be returning to campus, or in fact, camp to train and prepare for seven weeks of intense camp ministry. Please keep them in your prayers.

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