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Friday, April 1, 2011

P31: Women's Conference!!

It has long been known that girls just want to have fun, but this past weekend at an all-girls, all-nighter event called P:31, it was really proven to be true! As the 170 teen girls and youth leaders poured into the church for registration, tons of energy also poured in. The excited girls chattered away with our female Bible Institute helpers and other staff, and friendships were formed even before the event had fully started. We had some lady staff join us from the Word of Life campus in Schroon Lake, New York. Hayley Miller and Ellen Garland were the speakers. These two ladies, along with some other female staff, do ladies conferences in the US, and it was a privilege to have them join us in Canada for our first ever girl’s all-nighter event! The theme this year was “Metamorphosis.” Many butterflies decorated the church to remind us of the beautiful transformation that can happen in a life devoted to God.
            The night kicked off with some fun “Minute to win-it” style activities and oodles of prizes were given away. Then, our opening session began with some praise and worship, a thought provoking skit, and a challenging message spoken by Hayley Miller. She tied the gospel into a message about contentment in our materialistic world. Some of the girls responded to a gospel invitation, and also to a challenge to make God the source of contentment in their lives.

The Praise Team was formed from Bible Institute Alumni from BOTH our Sherbrooke, PQ and Owen Sound, ON campuses!
From P 31
            This session was followed by a short break, and then a split session for Sr. and Jr. High ages. Ellen Garland spoke to the Jr. High girls, while Hayley continued with the Sr. Highers. An evening snack of pizza followed this second session, and then our final session of the night in which Ellen exhorted the girls to learn wait for God’s timing as she spoke on the value and virtue of patience.
            After the sessions were over for the night, the activities began! Different rooms in the church were set up for different types of "girly" fun. There was a room set up like a beauty salon in which the girls could get their hair done. There was a nail painting room, a jewelry making room, a pedicure room, a flip flop decorating room, and even a candy room in which girls could indulge in all the candy, popcorn, and pop their little hearts desired! A favorite was of course the inflatable obstacle course, on which many shrieks could be heard, and many a hair stood on end, due to static. The energy never ran out. Even into the wee hours of the night, the girls were singing loudly at “Don’t forget the Christian Lyrics” and laughing uncontrollably.  It was a great bonding time for the girls to get closer to their youth leaders. The fun environment also made it less intimidating for some of the girls to talk to their leaders or the women staffing the event about things that were troubling them in their lives and their walks with God. It certainly was a blessing to be surrounded by other sisters in Christ, to encourage each other, and praise God together. Many girls heard the gospel, and were reminded how much God loved them.
            Over all, the event went smoothly, it was a great time, and God’s word did its work in many lives!

"It was great to reconnect with girls from snow camp, and was awesome to be able to counsel the girls and to see them go from darkness to light when they started to understand the Gospel.  It was sweet to see that the change in them was actually genuine.  I just loved it because this is the type of ministry that I want to be in!!"
From P 31
"This past weekend was a great time to see God work in the lives of young girls.  Some conversations that we had with them led to the Gospel and opened up opportunities to minister to them and strengthen them in their faith in Christ.  It is sweet to see that even at a young age you can grasp the peace of God."

"It was amazing to be surrounded by other young women all night and be able to just show Christ's love to them!  I loved being able to hear only voices of my sisters in Christ when we were singing during praise and worship time!"

The P31 WOL Staff/Alumni Crew
From P 31
And finally, a big thanks to our Local Church Ministry staff wives, Amy Speck & Lindsey Lyons for coordinating this great night together!

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